Boris: Brown should bugger off

In editorial, the conservatives on April 5, 2010 at 07:28

Boris Johnson has leapt in with bags more kindling for the Labour funeral pyre.

In an op-ed piece for The Times of London, The Mayor has said that shadow Chancellor George Osborne has admirably stood his ground in the ramped-up feckwittery of Labour’s Darling.

And how does Labour respond? They accuse the Tories of wanting to turn the clock back to the abominated Thatcherite 1980s, and the grinning Miliband brothers step forward to unveil one of the most ludicrous advertisements in modern political history, and one that shows how completely the modern Labour Party has lost the plot. No, we don’t want to go back to Gordon Gekko’s “greed is good”, and we don’t believe in devil-take-the-hindmost.

You can get the whole story, here.

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