Big Brother Watch: Election 2010 Manifesto

In Campaigners of note on April 6, 2010 at 19:55

One of the blogs we have been keeping a close eye on, since it went live, is Big Brother Watch. Far from being staffed by paranoid conspiracy theorists, the lads over there deserve a great deal of respect and recognition for the important work they are doing for liberty in Great Britain.

Their non-partisan manifesto is well worth a read-through, by politicians and pundits alike.

Our manifesto is a list of all the unnecessary laws and overbearing rules that intrude into the lives of British people, and legislative reforms that could restore our freedom to a level befitting the World’s oldest democracy.

Keep watching this space for more from this important group of campaigners for privacy and liberty, in what is quickly becoming the penultimate Nanny State; soon to be second only to China.

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