Iain Dale Walkered by Lord Mandelson

In wth on April 6, 2010 at 20:36

From Iain Dale, via Twitter.

Peter Mandelson, for it was he, had finished giving his answer to 5 Lives’s Peter Allen so decided to tuck in while I responded to a quizzing from 5 Live’s silver fox. Half way through my answer I was interrupted by the programme’s presenter, Colin Murray, who asked the Dark Lord if he would mind stop stuffing his face as his mastication was drowning out my answer. Naturally everyone collapsed laughing. The incident provoked a number of tweets to the programme and my own feed, the best of which was that ‘Lord Mandelson is the kind of politician who slides up hill’.

Take a break (we are, but not on a live radio program), a little walk on the lighter side, and read the rest of it.

Wish you had a picture, Iain.

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