Yvette Cooper ignores constituents

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Yvette Cooper, wife of Ed Balls, has been derelict of her duty to the electorate in her West Yorkshire riding, a recent Conservative article shows.

In an article appearing on the Conservative Blue Blog this morning, Nick Pickles, the Tory candidate for the riding had this to say:

In taking on Yvette Cooper in her existing constituency and parts of the seat currently occupied by her husband, Ed Balls, I have been shocked by the apathy towards politics that they have fostered. Life-long Labour voters, not to mention people like me, have seen letters, e-mails and phone calls go unanswered and pleas for help ignored. Their photographs may regularly appear on the pages of the local newspaper, but their detachment from the communities they were elected to serve is all too clear.

Further to her apparent lack of interest in correspondance, Pickles points to things like bridges that don’t lead anywhere and playgrounds littered with dangerous glass, that hasn’t been cleaned up.

The problems aren’t just limited to this constituency, either, says Pickles.

On the doorstep, you hear tales of how people working forty-hours plus weeks live alongside people just as well off on benefits, while others are desperate to work but are penalised by a complex and regressive tax credits regime.

Labour have betrayed the trust of working class people and it is the Conservatives offering a vision of a Britain built on work, responsibility and community.

All across the country, you find the same apathy from Labour and distrust from the voter.  People are ready for, and badly want, change.  The Tories, says Pickles, are the party to bring trust back to the voters, and action back to Parliament.

These are the values communities across West Yorkshire are built on and why I believe on election night you’ll see a large swathe of Labour’s heartland turning blue.

  1. Thanks for picking up on my blog, but my surname is actually Pickles!

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