Brown ignores public, on SkyNews

In editorial, Gordon Brown, the labour party, wth on April 7, 2010 at 18:12

Face it, he did say Labour would listen to the public.  He did ignore a very reasonable question from a member of the public.

But, two points to keep in mind:

  1. He was in a very dangerous situation, from a PR perspective.  Questions in that context aren’t controlled, and there is no recourse to get the guy to shutup if he doesn’t like the answer he gets.  That can quickly escalate into a shouting match.  Bad idea to respond on the spot, all round.
  2. While we think Labour has made a dog’s breakfast of the country – and really do believe Dave will Save – we would have told Mr. Brown he took the best route out he could, under the circumstances, and given his hideous manner with the electorate.

Things he could have done differently?  Well, that’s an easy one.  Wipe that stupid effing smirk off his face!

Or, get the guy’s details and stand him up in front of a crowd.  Tell him his children will be taken care of – later.  That way they control the story, and not the media – and especially not the bloggers, who are going to play a crucial role in this election.  That’s a good thing, by the way.

And now, we shall sit back and watch the Conservatives, the MSM and the bloggers bitch slap him until it blows over.

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