Labour actually HAVE screwed the pooch

In Gordon Brown, the labour party, wth on April 11, 2010 at 22:01

So much for safeguarding our personal data, eh Gord?

This story, from all sorts of sources, obviously, just takes the baked pudding.  Iain Dale has some good comment on it, over here, as well.

It is simply not tenable to say, as Labour do, that these leaflets aren’t targeted. Only a quarter of a million have been sent out, so some sort of targeting must have happened. If they didn’t get the data from inappropriate sources, then they must have used Mosaic or Experian to target likely current or future cancer sufferers.

Either way, it’s a disgusting way to campaign.

It’s worth noting that if the Tories, or Lib-Dems had done this, we would be saying the same thing.  “Definitely not on, old boy.”

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