Next candidate to be de-hired: A Tory?

In the conservatives, the lib-dems, wth on April 12, 2010 at 10:52

LibDemVoice has posted a blog from Chris Hawes, a Watford Tory campaigner in which Mr. Hawes uses some fairly colourful metaphors to describe Nick Clegg.

You all know we’re hardcore partisans in favour of the Tories, but in this case we think the LibDems are right.  Hawes needs to be shown the door, just like MacLennan.

One wonders if the youthful appearance that the Big Three are trying to engender is coming at a cost, now.  With the inexperience and petulance exhibited by MacLennan, and now Hawes, will the party leaders begin to clip some wings when it comes to online comment?

The blog is the work of Watford Conservative campaigner and council candidate, Chris Hawes. Not that Chris Hawes has the greatest judgement: he also described Watford’s disgraced former parliamentary candidate Ian Oakley as “fantastic and hilarious”. I am sure that most people who have had their homes and cars vandalised, been sent foul abuse and hard core porn in the post and had leaflets accusing them of violence andchild abuse find it hilarious too.

The rest of the story, and screenshots, can be found here.

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