Dave hammers it home

In David Cameron, the conservatives on April 13, 2010 at 07:59

We sat up late last night thinking that what Cameron needed was an “I have a dream” moment.  Our opinion is that his Times article this morning will prove to be a firm foundation for that moment.  Like Martin Luther King, Cameron foresees a day dawning free from the tyranny and corruption of the political class.  A day that removes power from the hands of a cynical select few and places it firmly back into the hands of the many, which is – after all – where it properly belongs.

At every level, we will take power away from politicians and bureaucrats and hand it back to individuals, families and communities. We will use modern technology to empower people, because we are from a generation that is comfortable with openness and accountability. And if we succeed, if we can change the way this country is run and harness the strength of the people, then we really can make things better. For all of us. We can have a better government, with less wasted money and a more contented country.

The world is changing fast. We cannot afford to be stuck in the past, with a government wedded to the failed old ideas of command and control. We have changed our party. Now we want to change the country — with your help.

As we await analysis of the Tory manifesto, today, we are mindful that the days that we – like Aesop – say that “we hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to office” may very well be coming to an end.  At least, we hope so.

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