BoJo gives some lessons on how not to be a complete unmitigated ass

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From the Times:

But the truth about walkabouts and “real” people is that they are (actually) real and so, by definition, random. Yesterday people told Boris about autistic children, illnesses, parking, travel, unemployment and, yes, their anger at immigration. So here are some tips from the Book of BoJo:

• When someone from Poland talks to you, answer back in Polish. “Dzien dobry!” cried Boris at the Pole, who was thrilled.

• When someone hands you a mobile phone, do not throw it (habits of a lifetime, etc) but talk into it. Yesterday it was the owner of the Chitter Chatter phone shop trying to give him a new phone. Of course, Boris rejected it (well, he had to, the BBC was filming ) but only after securing a vote for Ange. (This is an ultra-tight three-way marginal).

• When someone disagrees with you, have a bit of a good-humoured debate, then say: “Well I’m sorry we disagree!” And walk away.

• Have fun. When asked about the Lib Dems, Boris began to splutter: “How can you conceivably trust the Lib Dems! Spineless protoplasmic invertebrate amoebic fibbers — Janus-faced!” (Isn’t that so much better than “bigoted”?) Finally, pretend you don’t know where you are going. As Boris left yesterday, he walked away from his own car. “Boris!” cried everyone as the blond-haired one looked abashed. Personally I think he did it on purpose. Gordon needs a masterclass — now.


    You have to be awfully cute to catch Boris napping. Great post.

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