Prezza, Shanghai, and the Manchester Coppers

In editorial, news, the labour party on May 28, 2010 at 19:27

John Prescott has been sighted at several of Shanghai’s best restaurants recently, as he continues on his speaking tour of the area.  The self-appointed man of the people stands to make (and/or gain) not a few pounds from the deal.

No doubt when he arrives back home to Hull, he will distribute it among the poor in – say – Manchester, where Greater Manchester Police have ruled that officers in the city will not be allowed any unofficial radios or televisions on which to watch the World Cup.

One GMP officer, speaking to the Telegraph, said “I guess that while it might save the force money it will also remove the temptation for officers to watch or listen to bits of games during quiter moments on shift.”

But, where are those quiet moments? We thought they only spent about 13% of their time out fighting crime because of the vast mountain of paperwork they face every day, not waiting around for baddies.

Gripping stuff, don’t you think?

Well, that’s how we see it.

(h/t Tim Walker for Prezza tip-off)

  1. Hmm, via your Twitter feed we learn that Prescott took his peerage to campaign on the environment.

    Just what the world needs – another environmental campaigner flying round the world, eating pies, all the while telling us that we must fly less and eat less for the good of the planet.

    Prescott is such a pillock, he almost makes me wish he had passed his eleven plus so his life could have taken a different course, preferably one that would have taken him as far away from Britain as possible. Maybe involving space rocketry.

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