Disgruntled Tory backbenchers speak out against Hague, bypass PM

In editorial on September 3, 2010 at 08:56

Disgruntled Tory backbenchers, and peer Lord Tebbit have spoken out against William Hague, effectively bypassing Prime Minister David Cameron.

In a remarkable display of insubordination, the Tory peer called Hague “naive” and “foolish”, following his statement about rumours circulating on the Internet that Hague is gay – and engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a special advisor.

The offensive, led by Lord Tebbit, and John Redwood, is rumoured to be fueled by ongoing disquiet amongst Tory backbenchers surrounding the coalition government, and compromise on key Tory policies.

Some in the Westminster village have suggested that Tebbit and Redwood are taking advantage of the absence of David Cameron – who is on paternity leave, following the birth of his daughter – to strike back against compromises made under the coalition agreement.

Lord Tebbit and John Redwood have a long history, with the Tory peer having supported Redwood for the party leadership in 1995. He also was very outspoken about homosexuality, suggesting that gay people should not be able to hold posts, such as that of Home Secretary.

Tebbit has opposed official Tory policy in the past, publicly, and is leading a rebellion against the coalition government, it has been suggested.

Indeed, Tebbit may get what he wants, this week – a head on a platter. Wouldn’t he be surprised if it was his?

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