Man who planted the seed of Big Society dies, aged 78

In news on September 8, 2010 at 19:17

Photo: PA

The Prime Minister’s father, Ian Cameron, passed away from heart complications following a massive stroke, today.  He was 78.

Ever the hero in the eyes of his son, David, Mr. Cameron was a source of hope, love, compassion and endless supplies of optimism.  He is the man the Prime Minister credits with instilling that same optimistic outlook in his children.

Born with a severe physical disability in his legs, Ian Cameron struggled from an early age to cope with the pain and suffering caused by his deformity.

Mr. Cameron overcame his disability. He lived a life full of the rich rewards of a loving family, was a successful stockbroker, and left this world with few regrets.

His steely, determined glare at adversity gave his children courage, perseverance and obstinacy.  Three key ingredients, as it happens, that make a man a Great Man.

The Prime Minister, who has always been close to his father, said of his parents, “they showed me how a big society could work every day I was growing up…nothing will make me happier than to take that idea – using the values they gave me – to help bring our country together.”

There can be little doubt that those values – learned at his father’s knee – will see him fulfill his charge to lead the people of Great Britain out of the cold damp darkness of recession, into the rich, abundant Tory Blue skies of Ian Cameron’s Big Society.

Peace be with you, Ian.

O HEAVENLY Father, whose Blessed Son Jesus Christ did weep at the grave of Lazarus, his friend: Look, we beseech thee, with compassion upon those who are now in sorrow and affliction; comfort them, O Lord, with thy gracious consolations; make them to know that all things work together for good to them that love thee; and grant them evermore sure trust and confidence in thy fatherly care; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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