Andy Coulson Open Thread

In news on October 4, 2010 at 21:29

Love him? Hate him? Sack him? Keep him?

Let your opinions be known, right here.

  1. I have to say the whole business sickened me, the part about Denholm Elliot’s daughter in particular. This was widespread at the NOTW.

    I don’t believe Coulson didn’t know.

    Cameron has to get rid of him. We don’t need our own version of Damian McBride.

    This whole affair is unethical and immoral and we should be vocal in opposition to this man being linked to our party.

  2. The worst thing for me is that it seems apparent that Rupert Murdoch has at least a small amount of leverage (and probably a lot more) over the government. Even if Coulson is removed, will that influence actually wane? I honestly don’t think so. At least with Burlusconi he sticks his neck out to be pilloried, having the puppet master behind the scenes is far more worrying.

  3. Sack him. Keep him and all Cameron’s “new transparency in government” goes flying out the window.

  4. What does Rupert say? it all comes down to that really and
    that’s the most worrying thing.

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