It’s not just the government’s problem, it’s our problem

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This will likely be my final blog post on the Dorries saga, as I’ve already devoted far too much time to it. So, read on…

I don’t often post to this blog, simply because I don’t think I have anything of interest to say – at length, anyway – that you can’t read in the broadsheets. So, I generally confine my comment to 140 characters or less. Some might even be considered not terrible.

I don’t pretend to be a closet journalist, with the skills and training of a seasoned Fleet Street hack. Nor do I operate on the assumption that I write with a wit and fluency that will capture the hearts and minds of even the most hardened. No. None of that. So, you should be surprised that another post should appear so hot on the heels of another.

The reason for this Gatling-esque shower of comment is an MP from the backwaters of Bedfordshire who just cannot seem to keep her mouth shut. That bothers me, because she really ought to know better. She’s certainly been told to keep a tighter grip on her mouth. So, why isn’t she listening? And why – and this is the question of prominence – is the Conservative Party not doing more to silence her?

That is the question that seems to keep coming up again and again. Why is the Conservative Party not doing more to silence her? The answer – as any PR git can tell you – is that it really isn’t a major problem until the heavies – the broadsheets, the wank-rags, the red-tops – pick the story up and run with it.

In other words, right now it’s a local problem, not a national problem. Therefore, coverage in – say – Bedfordshire on Sunday is worthy of note, but not worthy of tasking valuable resources.

That in mind, this evening after you read this, as you’re brushing your teeth, as you put the kids to bed, as you take the dog for a pee – hell, as you make love to your wife – why not consider what you can do to make it a national problem? Ultimately, it’s the same public purse that pays Nadine Dorries’ expenses as that which pays for national defence, Eric Pickles’ fish suppers, or John Prescott’s ermine frock.

Infuriating thing to consider, isn’t it? So, get off your spotty duffs, put pen to paper, digit to keyboard, smoke to sky and write to the editors – all of them. Ask them why they continue to ignore this malfeasant MP from Mid-Bedfordshire. There’s plenty of story to go around, from all sorts of angles. And, best of all, it practically writes itself!

So, join the PM’s urging to become part of the government of Great Britain. Make yourselves known. Make your opinion count. Take control. You may just find, at the end of the day, that you actually did make a difference. Imagine the satisfying reward of looking back at this year and saying to yourselves “That was the year I joined the government of Great Britain. And, it was good.”

– This blogpost is my own opinion.

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