The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards & the Dorries paper trail

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I wrote last night that I would not be engaging in any more anti-Dorries sentiment on this blog. That was mainly in the interest of time. However, some things have come to light that – I think – deserve some attention.

To begin, published below is a letter requesting a Standards investigation into the conduct of Nadine Dorries, MP, written by @humphreycushion. It addresses the breach of privacy alleged to have been committed by Dorries.

More to come…

Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

House of Commons

8th October 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I trust that you received my email of 6th October.  I would like to inform you that I gave an interview to Disability Now on the afternoon of the 6th October via telephone, I had given them my telephone number but not my real name, via Twitter.

However, they already knew my name, having interviewed Ms Dorries shortly beforehand and openly informed me that she gave it to them.

Yesterday afternoon I had two reporters from the Beds on Sunday at my door, looking for an interview. I asked them how they knew my name and address and they gave me a ridiculous story that they had found it on the Internet.

Now, there is NO record ANYWHERE online that links my real name to my twitter name @humphreycushion.  I have asked the Editor of the Beds on Sunday to advise me as soon as possible how they came by my personal details.

What makes this even worse is that at 8.30 yesterday morning, after taking legal advice, I emailed both Ms Dorries and Mr Staines to advise them that my real name is confidential. I may be speculating but I feel that the reporters were sent in an act of defiance.

There has been a massive online reaction to Ms Dorries’ insulting remarks about benefit claimants and “nutters”. When Talksport’s Duncan Barkes held a phone-in debate on the subject this week, there was only one supporting voice for Ms Dorries throughout the 3 hour discussion.

I have collated 30 blog posts on the matter, mostly from disabled people who are horrified by her blog and genuinely feel they are going to be victimised by this government.  My blog pages which hold “the story” have had over 13,000 hits in just one week, that is incredible. (to put that into perspective, a good blog page would usually have approximately 200 hits per day)

As Ms Dorries’ constituent, I am horrified that she abused her position by giving out my confidential personal details to the media against my clear, indisputable wishes.

David Cameron spoke during the election of greater transparency and accountability of MPs and promised us the ability to re-call our MP should they be found to break the parliamentary rules. I truly think that Ms Dorries has crossed that line.


Name withheld at request of author

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