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Labour “proud of [their] record on civil liberties”

In David Cameron, Europe, ge2010, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg on April 17, 2010 at 10:02

The government that brought in more than 3600 new criminal laws (that’s about one new law for every day they’ve been in power), put CCTV on every street corner, abused NHS databases for their own gain, and wants to fingerprint our children without our permission now says that they are defenders of civil liberty.

This leaves us with one question: Where is this bizarro planet of which they speak, and how can we destroy it?

Dylan Sharpe, of Big Brother Watch has written an important article outlining where the “Big Three” stand on matters of civil liberties and the surveillance state, which is well worth a read.

Big Brother Watch have also published a manifesto, drawing on their considerable background in the defense of liberty that addresses some points key to upholding civil liberties in the United Kingdom.

It is important, they say, not to be lulled into complacency by either the Tories or the Lib-Dems, simply because of their stand on the bloated Nanny State.

It is a common theme in the fight for liberty, privacy and freedom; but strong words spoken outside Whitehall often get muffled once the party in question finds itself in government with the bread-and-butter issues of economy, schools and health to deal with. The general opposition from the Tories and Lib Dems to large state databases should be praised; but neither party makes any effort to put forward a timetable for their removal or explain, where necessary, what form the replacement system will take.

After the National Identity Register and DNA database, the most intrusive elements of surveillance faced by the British public come from the intercept modernisation programme – the plan to store and monitor our phone calls and emails – and the automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) camera network – which tracks around 14 million drivers each day. The opposition parties only make fleeting references to the former and no reference to the latter in their manifestos.

The economy, immigration, and the whole lot of other platforms on which the parties are campaigning are very important.  But, we – like Big Brother Watch – believe that even more important is the insidious encroachment of Labour’s bedroom eyes into our lives.

Govern yourselves accordingly.