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Huh? Wha?

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We’re watching SkyNews. They seem to think George Osborne is Chancellor, now.  Was there an election?

Oh, yes!  There was!

We went into hibernation, focusing our considerable attention on Twitter for the duration – mainly because nobody reads this blog, and because we’re not so self-important to think anybody would want to, anyway.

But, it does seem that a breath of fresh air has swept through Whitehall. The Cameron-Clegg coalition actually does appear to show promise – and not just promise that is carefully engineered to appear hopeful.  We think it actually is hopeful, and reasonably so.

It does seem to go beyond spin.  We asked Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard whether he thought the CamClegg relationship reflected chemistry or tension. Waugh replied almost immediately – chemistry.

As we await the emergency budget – on June 22 – and watch as CamClegg continue to fulfill the hopes and dreams of a nation battered by intrusive, incompetent and arbitrary government, we do so with a sense of expectation, and hope.

“Britain is once again open for business” were the closing remarks from the Chancellor, this evening.  It implies, of course, that Britain was closed for business.  Indeed, it was.

Following the massive fiscal cockups of the Labour regime for the past 13 years, and the consequences that will be felt from those for years to come, let’s hope George can pull off a hat-trick.

If any government could do it, based on the momentum they appear to be continuing to build, this one can.  Boo to Nanny.  Go team.

p.s. We know the blog header needs to be changed, now.


Enough bitching, already!

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There are many things in this election to get irate about.  Many.  But, from the “you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up” department, we now have yet another addition to our list of Things That Make Us Irate™.

Fake nurses.

That’s right.  They’re not just working for the NHS, now.

Fake nurses are also posing for party political pamphlets in – good heavens – Cardiff!  (cue creepy music)

Jonathan Morgan, the Conservative AM for Cardiff North, said: “They should apologise to my constituents and to the [fake] nurses working in Cardiff who will be astonished at this behaviour.

“It is appalling that the Lib Dems in Cardiff North would seek to deliberately mislead my constituents by using a picture of their candidate talking to a [fake] nurse, when I know she is not a [fake] nurse and has never been a [fake] nurse.”

Well, we’re certainly appalled here at thecredo, let us tell you that.  The British taxpayer works long hours to pay the wages of these civil servants who pretend to be nurses at every NHS hospital across Great Britain.  That our money is now being used for party political matters is just scandalous and we are Irate™.

The Lib-Dems need to apologise and provide a full explanation to The News of the World, by Monday morning.

End of satirical rambling

Seriously, though, is there not something better that Mr. Morgan can do with his time before the election?  Like, I don’t know, figure out how to fix the NHS in Cardiff?  Or, fix Cardiff?

Dave, we love you.  Save the party from this sort of thing.

What a pillock.

Next candidate to be de-hired: A Tory?

In the conservatives, the lib-dems, wth on April 12, 2010 at 10:52

LibDemVoice has posted a blog from Chris Hawes, a Watford Tory campaigner in which Mr. Hawes uses some fairly colourful metaphors to describe Nick Clegg.

You all know we’re hardcore partisans in favour of the Tories, but in this case we think the LibDems are right.  Hawes needs to be shown the door, just like MacLennan.

One wonders if the youthful appearance that the Big Three are trying to engender is coming at a cost, now.  With the inexperience and petulance exhibited by MacLennan, and now Hawes, will the party leaders begin to clip some wings when it comes to online comment?

The blog is the work of Watford Conservative campaigner and council candidate, Chris Hawes. Not that Chris Hawes has the greatest judgement: he also described Watford’s disgraced former parliamentary candidate Ian Oakley as “fantastic and hilarious”. I am sure that most people who have had their homes and cars vandalised, been sent foul abuse and hard core porn in the post and had leaflets accusing them of violence andchild abuse find it hilarious too.

The rest of the story, and screenshots, can be found here.

Boris’ guide to the Election – Pt. I

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We didn’t write this, these guys did. And a good job at that.  Click here for the full verision, over on CyberBoris (cheap pics from thecredo)

Boris on Nick Clegg, and the Lib-Dems

“With his purple ties, his neat grey suits and his air of youthful earnestness, he’s like some cut-price edition of David Cameron hastily knocked off by a Shanghai sweatshop to satisfy unexpected market demand.”

“The Lib Dems are not just empty.  They are a void, within a vacuum, surounded by a vast inanition.”

Boris on Gordon Brown

“Gordon Brown has lots of things going against him.  He’s a nail biting, gloomadon popping, anxious, high taxing, high spending, bossing, nannying, interfering kind of Scot.”

With special thanks to CyberBoris, for the quotes.

Clegg: Transport operators to apply for share of £6bn infrastructure fund

In Nick Clegg, the conservatives, the lib-dems on April 5, 2010 at 12:18

Nick Clegg, appearing on Sky News has said that £3bn on the £6bn transport infrastructure fund should go to improving and opening railway lines throughout Britain.

He said that transport authorities could apply for a share of the fund, to improve services.

As the Lib-Dems continue to see gains in the polls, Clegg hit out against both the Tories and Labour, saying he wanted to “be realistic” about where the infrastructure money would come from.

The choice for voters, he said, was now “really clear”, between the Tories who will “at best keep [taxes] where they are” and the Lib-Dems who will “close the huge loopholes that benefit only the very rich.”

In any event, it is clear that Clegg is framing the campaign as a battle between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, to the exclusion of Brown’s Labour party.

Clegg will remain in Hampstead campaigning, this morning, as the battle bus moves on along the trail.

“We just want to get on with the campaign.”

Nick Clegg jumps the gun

In the lib-dems on April 5, 2010 at 11:49

Liberal-Democrat leader Nick Clegg has kick-started the election campaign early, in North London.

Interesting for a party promising to open up thousands of miles of railway track, across the country.  Why?  They arrived in North London by coach.

More on this, later.