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Pickles’ pal’s posters pilfered by parliamentary prat

In Gordon Brown, Nick Pickles, the conservatives, the labour party on April 6, 2010 at 11:43

That’s Pickles, with an ‘s’. Our apologies to Nick, again, for the hastily written article, from this morning.

What’s with the alliteration?  Nick’s website has some interesting things to say about the announcement made to the BBC by Gordon Brown’s staffers.

From the BBC: “On returning from the Palace he will formally confirm the date and make a speech in Downing Street in which he will dub the election “the big choice”.

Why is this important?  Alex Story, the Wakefield Tory, has been leading – as Nick Pickles puts it – “one of the hardest working campaigns ever. Since 2007 his team has canvassed the entire constituency – twice. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Alex since he was selected and know he’ll make a terrific MP if he gets the chance.”

Thing is, these placards have been printed for weeks, now.  One wonders if this startling display of originality will continue along the campaign trail.  What’s next?  Will Labour poach the battle bus?  Will the Lib-Dems steal the last bit of Nick Griffin that isn’t insane?

Boo to Brown.